DOB: 3/18/2013
ASCA #E181853
AKC DN36098802
COI 3.970%
MDR1 Normal/Normal
HSF4 Clear (clear by parentage)


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Joyo is owned and loved by Sara McAulay, and lives in Oakland, California.

Joyo the Boyo, or sometimes Joyo-Destroyo, is one of the Bad Bella Babies, a little too smart for his own good sometimes, a charmer with a roguish twinkle in his eye. He loves to work and he loves to learn, and has yet to find an activity that isn’t his absolute favorite — at least at that particular moment! Learning tricks, hiking in the hills, swimming at Point Isabel, playing “bitey-face” with his Uncle Miko or a rousing game of chase through the house with his pal the cat … He wakes up in the morning and greets me with “Look what I found! It’s a day! Let’s DO something!”

For all his mischief and over-the-top energy, he was unusually focused and biddable as a puppy, and remains so today. His main intended “job” is agility, and he has all the tools: speed, drive, athleticism and heart. Oh, and love of the game! He started fun matches and Level 1 CPE trials @ 15 months and has progressed rapidly, with some Novice titles already. Ongoing, he will compete in ASCA, AKC and USDAA.

For the past 9 months or so he has been learning K-9 Nose Work, and recently passed his Odor Recognition Tests in Birch, Anise and Clove.

He has worked sheep in the round pen maybe half a dozen times. He showed excellent instincts, with a nice wide circle. He knew almost at once what the job was, and set about doing it in a surprisingly deliberate way, keeping the stock calm. I wish there were a way for him to “go herding” frequently enough to make real progress, but more likely it will be a once-a-month treat.

He even tried Lure-Coursing once. Loved it, naturally. But quickly discovered that if he jumped the fence and ran across the field he could head the fake rabbit and maybe herd it back the way it had come! This didn’t endear him to the person responsible for operating the lure, but everyone else thought it was hilarious, including Joyo.



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