With the limited amount of breeding Windmill has done, we are very, very proud of the fact that we have produced a mother, daughter, great grand daughter and a great, great grand son that have achieved Hall of Fame status:

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HOF #125

Left to right: Candy, Amy and Roxanne

her daughter:

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HOF #133

(Rox is laying down..pictured with some of her children)

and great grand daughter:

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HOF #336
Left to right: Candy, Amy and Roxanne


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HOF #298

photo by Erika Maurer

We would also like to recognize the following dogs for taking Windmill to

Hall of Fame Kennel Status

And a huge thanks to the owners that trained and showed/trialed their dogs to advanced titles or allowed me to title them:

Windmill's Waltzing Matilda, CDX
Owned by Steve Maunder

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HOF Windmill's Sweet Roxanne, CDX

What is the cost of trazodone
Owned by Lynn Mitchell

Ch. Windmill's I'm A Sole Man, RS-E, JS-E, GS-E
Owned by Windmill

Ch. Windmill's Sweet Natasha
Owned by Alan & Joyce Smuda

Ch. Windmill's Main Attraction, CD
Owned by Windmill

Ch. Windmill's No Fences
Owned by Windmill

Ch. Windmill's All The Right Moves
Owned by Judi Loizeaux

Windmill's Wild Blue Yonder, UD
Owned by Debee Cox

Ch. Windmill's Love Story, STD,s
Owned by KatyBlu-Kathy Thomason

Ch. Windmill Taylormade of KatyBlu
Owned by KatyBlu-Kathy Thomason

Ch. Windmill's Sweet N Sassy
Owned by Alan&Joyce Smuda
Co-Owned with Windmill

Windmill's Travlin Man, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O
Owned by Gina Campodonico
Co-Owned with Windmill

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