2016 Brags

The wins and great moments that make all the hard work worth it.


Jan. 1, 2017 Susan Laursen and Fin.(Dare x Hayden)USDAA agility, Morgan Hill, CA. Fin earned his Performance Agility Championship.

Jan. 1, 2017-Deb Langley and Huey-USDAA agility,Morgan Hill, CA: Deb writes for Huey: I got a Standard first place, gamble 2nd place, jumpers Q and pairs title.

Jan. 15, 2017-Bev Hurst and Raven (Cricket x Zoom): Bev writes: Raven was awesome yesterday going 3 out of 4 runs..2 master gamblers q's and 1 master snooker Q.

Jan 22, 2017-Kristin Backstrom & Copper (Zoom & Cricket) Kristen writes: Copper had an awesome time at UMASC’s Frostbite Frolic obedience and rally trials today. He ran super hot and finished 3 titles. The first title he finished was his ASCA ODX. He did real well and was his usual exuberant self during the retrieves (yes, he just has to put a good bark in there somewhere as he really, really loves to fetch things). I’m kind of sad the ODX is done for us, as now I am planning on doing the CDX next, but who knows, we may go back to it again. We also finished our Rally Advanced and Rally Advanced X title. The X title is given to those who finish 3 legs with scores of 195 or higher. The leg today was a perfect score of 200. We were tied for HIT in rally, but I blew our chance on that by missing a station. Oh well, I’m just thrilled with our day. I couldn’t have wished for anything more. Good boy!

Jan 27, 2017-Sally Josselyn and Pai (Dare x Hayden). Sally writes: Doing a day of AKC today before judging USDAA this weekend. Paiva won 20" Excellent Standard and also won Excellent Jumpers.

Feb. 5, 2017-Nicole Watts and Naju. Nicole writes: Naju's first trial. Naju was such a good girl (Q and first place), and the best thing was afterwards she was SO happy and tugged and tugged at the verry bright orange and pink leash we bought specially for her for competition. And I took home lots of things to work on, especially practicing sequences that are huge and open. I swear the space between jumps 1 and 2 was close to 25 feet. Click here to view Naju's first run

Feb. 5, 2017- Anne Graumann, and Wiskey (Naishi x Bella)AKC agility, CA. Anne writes: A nice two days of AKC agility at City of Industry: an Open Jumpers Q and an Excellent FAST Q yesterday; and another Excellent FAST Q today to finish off that title.

Feb. 25, 2017-Nicole Watts and Naju and Jinn. Nicole writes: I ran Naju FEO (first ASCA course. Naju is 15 months) in Elite Jumpers and she was awesome and I also ran Jinn in Elite jumpers(13 yrs old). He had a blast. See video of Naju, Dervish and Jinn

Feb. 25, 2017-Nicole Watts and Dervish. Nicole writes: Dervish was incredible. Went 8/10 in agility (just didn't get 2 gambles, of course... but she did get one of them, so now we just need one more gamble Q for her ATCH-2) and got the 195/200 in Nov B.See video of Naju, Dervish and Jinn.
Nicole writes about Dervish: I am jet lagged, so what better to do than download Dervy's obedience debut, watch and admire, and then upload to YouTube :-)
I am still kind of blown away by how good she was. This is a dog who had never done a stand for examination except with me in my kitchen, and we practiced twice before going into the ring with someone else. She had never done more than 10 second of off leash healing and not much more than that of on leash healing. She had never done flip finishes without a hand signal AND a voice command. She had never done a figure eight with people except one practice out of the ring that day. She only sort of knows what a front on a recall is (and you can see she sits a bit far away from me, trying to figure out the right place to stop). And she had never done sits and downs, ever!
We start in the heeling a little confused, and then by the time she gets to the off leash healing she settled in and did really nicely. She gave me incredible attention throughout. I think Dervish was pretty amazing! Click here to see the video

Mar. 03, 2017-Marci Thomas and Zazu. Marci writes: Zazu earned her first title. She earned her Novice Trick Dog Title.

Mar. 3, 2017-Bev Hurst and Raven (Cricket x Zoom): Bev writes: #2. Australian Shepherd:
Lein’s Won’tstop Tiligetenuf CGN, NP, AgX, AgXJ (RAVEN) CKC agility standings

Mar. 04, 2016-Aimee Kincaid and Shooter (Zoom x Better) ASCA obedience, Florida. Aimee writes: Shooter got his CD in ASCA yesterday and a HIT. Today he got HIT this morning from Novice B and we're going to move up to Open A this afternoon to see how it goes! (For my non Dog show friends, HIT is high in trial and that's a good thing).

Mar. 4-5, 2017-Kristin Backstrom and Copper (Zoom X Cricket). Kristin writes: Copper had a good weekend at the UMASC Obedience and Rally trials. He got 2 legs towards his ASCA CDX title (still needs one more leg). He also got 2 legs towards his Rally Excellent title, and as an added bonus, both those legs were X legs (meaning scores >195/200). One of those scores was a perfect 200 which garnered him High in Trial and also High Scoring Aussie. That boy loves his rally. He probably finds his rally handler (me) isn’t the same scary stranger that shows him in obedience (also me, but he's thinking "stranger danger" because I'm all stressed ??). Good boy!

Mar. 12, 2017-Nicole Watts and Naju. AKC agility, California. Nicole writes: She was a really good girlie. Didn't make the weave entry the first time-- too much speed and I didn't cue her for them until too late, and also no training on really learning to collect on that kind of turn into the poles, but she did great, and managed both rear crosses despite little training on those!
Q- 1st :-). Naju's run

Mar. 12, 2017-Nicole Watts and Dervish. AKC agility, California. Nicole writes: Dervy finished her Open FAST title and got a Q-4th in Master Standard. Did great in jumpers but I turned too soon and pulled her off one jump, so we got a refusal.

Mar. 12, 2017-Gina Larson and Do-I(Zoom x Cody lookalike) TVASC stockdog trial, Payette, ID. Do-I received a score of 117 and HIT on course H/sheep.

Mar. 11-12, 2017-Bev Hurst and Rowdy and Raven (Zoom x Cricket). Agility-Canada. Bev writes: master gambler. 2q's. master standard 1q (11 sec under ). Master jumper 1 q (2nd& 10 sec under. Raven master gambler 2 q's & 2 first. Master snooker 1 q and a 1st. Pretty proud of their runs. Rowdy had awesome runs one bar down Nd a missed contact in standards. 4 raven bar down in jumpers and crazy girl in standards.

Mar. 18-19, 2017-Bev Hurst and Rowdy-Canada. Bev writes: Rowdy earned his Versatility title CARO rally o with a first place and score of 199. He was a bit on the crazy side for most of his runs but redeemed himself.

Mar. 19, 2017 -Susan Laursen and Oliver. USDAA agility, California. Susan writes: Masters here we come! Oliver got his AAD title yesterday and his first Snooker super Q!

Mar. 2017 Sandra Cummings and Stitch (Rowdy x ) Rally-Canada. Sandra writes: at 19 months, Stitch earn his RN, CGN, CRNMCL and CRNT.

Mar. 25-26, 2017-Gina Larson and Dani. ASCofID agility trial-Kuna, ID. Dani's first agility trial she received 3 1st and 1 2nd to earn her RS-N. She also earned her JS-N with 2 first places.

Apr. 01-02, 2017-Gina Larson and Nikki. Delta ASF Show, Turlock. CA. Nikki was winners bitch and best of winners all 5 shows. Thank you breeder judges, Leslie Creelman, Jennifer Cannon, Cherrie Cannon, Connie Blowers and Terri Burkhart.

Apr. 8-9, 2017-Gina Larson and Do-I.TVASC stockdog trial, Payette, ID. Do-I earned her Post Advanced Sheep title on Saturday. Sunday she qualified in Post Advanced cattle with a score of 111 and high in trial cattle.

Apr. 15, 2017-Kristin Backstrom and Copper (Zoom X Cricket). Kristin writes: Copper had another great day in ASCA Rally. He finished his RE title in style with a perfect score of 200 which also allowed us to finished our REX title. The perfect score brought us one title closer to our Rally Trial X title as all his scores have been above 195 in Novice, Advanced and Excellent. Just 2 classes left. He also received High In Trial and High Scoring Aussie in RE. He finished the day by entering the Masters level and he scored a 198 and a 1st place. I thought he was awesome today, and he thought he was too. He most certainly enjoyed to copious amounts of treats after we finished up our runs.

Apr. 22, 2017-Kristin Backstrom and Copper (Zoom X Cricket). Kristin writes: Copper had another great day in ASCA Rally. He finished his RE title in style with a perfect score of 200 which also allowed us to finished our REX title. The perfect score brought us one title closer to our Rally Trial X title as all his scores have been above 195 in Novice, Advanced and Excellent. Just 2 classes left. He also received High In Trial and High Scoring Aussie in RE. He finished the day by entering the Masters level and he scored a 198 and a 1st place. I thought he was awesome today, and he thought he was too. He most certainly enjoyed to copious amounts of treats after we finished up our runs.

May 5-7, 2017-Gina Larson and Dani.NNASC-agility, NV. Despite the pouring rain and wind, Dani earned her open jumpers with 2 1st places. She also earned 1 Q in novice gamblers and 1.5 Q's in open standard. All with very little training. Good girl Dani!

May 5-7, 2017-Nicole Watts and Naju. NNASC-agility, NV. Nicole writes:The Naju Najerina's ASCA debut! There was thunder (just a little) and there was freezing rain (lots of it), but also sunshine and beautiful snowy mountains and wonderful company and very fun agility at the NNASC ASCA trial in Carson City, NV. Naju had SUCH a great time running in jumpers and gamblers (I avoided the dog walk and a-frame because she's not ready for those in competition yet, though we snuck in one a-frame). She got both novice titles and a Q in open jumpers and ran like a maniac. Nailed her teeter and weaves, left almost all the bars up, and... start lines.. there were conversations... she thinks they are very boring and over-rated. Thanks so much to Gina Larson for everything, and everyone else for all the help and support. Oh, and Dervish and Jinn did great too, but that will have to wait for another post!
Video of Naju's runs

May 20-21, 2017-Gina Larson and Do-I(Zoom x Cody lookalike)ASCofID, stockdog trial, Kuna, ID. Do-I earned her final score for her ATD-Xs

May 28, 2017-Nicole Watts and Naju. AKC agility, California. Nicole writes: The Najerina in her first-ever Open JWW and Novice Standard runs today, Q-1sts. First try at a RDW in competition. You will hear LOTS of barking. Usually but not only when I do all my late front crosses, one of which caused the poor girl to biff towards the end of JWW. Gotta fix my crosses if I manage nothing else. Maybe it won't end the barking, but she doesn't deserve to hit the ground that hard. But it was a big day for her, and in the heat-- what a good girlie. Video of Naju

June 3,4, 2017-Nicole Watts and Naju ASCA agility..Nicole writes: Naju took Novice High in Trial!
She got three titles--Novice Standard, Open Gamblers and Open Jumpers.I moved her to elite jumpers and she Qed in the first one, had one bar down (the only bar all weekend) in the 2nd. But she had to be exhausted. It was almost 100 degrees. But she held every start line, though often with barking. And did 15 or so beautiful running a frames.

June 10-11, 2017-Sara McAulay and Joyo (Bella x Naishe)AKC agility. Sara writes: Redwood Belgian Terveran AKC trial done and dusted. Joyo went 4-4, 2 double Q's. 3 lovely runs, with placements; I was really proud of him. Today's JWW was skin of our teeth, but hey, it was entertaining, and it was clean. I was proud of him for that one too, because I did not handle well, and he covered my a__.

June 10-11, 2017-Gina Larson and Dani.ASCof Utah...ASCA agility. Dani earned her novice gamblers with a 1st place.

June 17-18,2017-Christy McBride and Flirt USDAA agility-Prunedale, CA. Christy writes: What an awesome weekend at the Bay Team trial! Flirt exceeded all my expectations!! She held every start line, she hit every contact and she did every teeter with confidence! The benefit of all this great stuff was 6 qualifying runs out of 9! She came home with two first place ribbons, one second place and two fourth place. She tied for fourth in her Gambler run on Sat. but was beat in time by 4 tenths of a second. The icing on the cake, was a perfect Snooker run on Sunday, scoring 51 points out of 51 possible. I have never achieved that with any of my other dogs. I love this baby girl and am looking forward to her bright future. Thank you Nicole Watts and Gina Larson for choosing Flirt as the perfect fit for me. I couldn't agree more! Thank you Bay Team for a fun and fantastic trial!!

June 22, 2017-Kristin Backstrom and Copper (Zoom X Cricket). Kristin writes: The ASCA 2016-2017 (year end) Merit and Final results for Obedience and Rally are in. I am so happy. Heck I’m even crying. Copper is ASCA’s #4 Obedience ODX Merit dog. He’s also the #3 Obedience ODX Final dog. And, he’s the #2 (tied) Rally Excellent Merit dog. My goals for this end year results were beyond what I had planned. I simply wanted our title in ODX and also in Rally. I will say we worked hard together to do this well so I’m super pleased with the results. It’s been a great learning experience for me, with the bonus of getting Copper and I out and enjoying life. Big Red made his mamma proud!

June 25, 2017-Marci Thomas and Zazu. Marci writes: Zazu has another title!! Windmills Little Sidekick NTD CA.She got her coursing ability title in AKC this morning!! Two titles and not even 15 months old .

June 30-July 4, 2017-Gina Larson and Do-I.TVASC stockdog trial, Payette, ID. Do-I earned her 100+ scores on her duck run and cattle run course H (only arena trial runs she was entered in) and her OFTD-cattle title. Thank you judges Roy Sage and Rachael Vest.

July 22,2017-Sandra Cumming and Stitch. Sandra writes: : "Introducing Lein's Nothin Gonna Stop Us Now RN CGN CRNMCL CRNT who just won BEST CANADIAN BRED IN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the Moon!!!!! Thank You soooo much Jodie!!!!!!"

July 17, 2017-Nicole Watts and Dervish. Nicole writes: Turns out Dervish likes running Grand Prix with a barefoot handler wearing her mom's dress from 1967, pinned up because it's long and touches the ground. She even waited patiently on the dog walk while I checked which end of the tunnel to send her into. What a great girlie. We can also call this sneak preview-raw footage for Lonny Elson's Summer of Love Promo Video for the Bay Team USDAA Western here to watch

July 24, 2017-Nicole Watts and Dervish and Naju . Nicole writes: Mama-daughter act. Dervish finished her AKC Masters Standard title and Naju finished her AKC Novice Standard title this weekend up in Ferndale. They got to share ribbons.

July 30, 2017-Nicole Watts and Dervish. Nicole writes: Dervish was 1st place master standard out of 39 dogs.

July 30, 2017-Michiko Sclar and Katniss (Dervish x Quinn). Michiko writes:This is the first ever AKC debut run of Katniss. She dropped a bar but it was a great run! (click here for video)
She did not get Q for the run but she got 2 standard Qs so far( I do not have the videos of those runs).

Aug. 7, 2017-Nicole Watts writes: It was a busy weekend at our PASA ASCA trial, so lots to post! ATCH-5, ADCH Windmill's Djinn Fizz (aka Mr Jinn Jinn, age 13.5 years) ran a blue-ribbon retirement run, his niece Dervish turned in lots of beautiful runs, and her daughter Naju (now 21 months) finished her open regular and elite jumpers titles and came home with Open High in Trial. All 3 went Q-1st in their respective heights/divisions in the first round of elite jumpers on Saturday-- that was kind of cool! There were LOTS of wonderful Windmill pups there, including 2 more of the Dervy Quinntet litter: Ryker (with Sara Maasen) and Flirt (with Christy McBride Friedmann), as well as bro's Joyo with Sara McAulay and Huey with Deb Langley, and Oliver with Susan Laursen...and Clay with Marcia Hodes paid a visit, and Gina C. was there with some of her pack... at least a couple others; who am I forgetting?! Huzzah for Windmill!

Oct. 30, 2017-Bev Hurst and Rowdy. Bev writes: Can.Ch.Windmill's Life in the Fast Lane ROWDY HIT, ADC, SGDC, AADC,AGDC, MGDC,AG.N, AG.I, NP, NJWW, IP CGN, CRNCL, CRNT,CRAMCL,CRXMCL, CRVMCL,CRB, CRS, CRNB,CRAT ,RPT,BDD,DD,DDX,DDCh DDCh = Disc Dog Champion

Oct. 30, 2017-Sally Josselyn and Pai (Dare x Hayden) a pretty good showing at the 2017 Cynosport World Games that just concluded in TN. She took 2nd in PVP Gamblers, was a PGP Semi-Finalist, and with her partner Danko was 15th in PVP overall from a field of 116 PVP teams. We didn't have a single E from 15 runs. She's such a good girl, I think I'll keep her :-)

2017 ASCA Nationals-Bryan TX: Nicole writes: Dervish qualified for the 2017 Agility Finals and got a Q-9th in the Gamblers round of Finals. She had a lovely regular round 1 and just got pushed out of the ribbons because I fell down, so we lost a couple of seconds while I picked myself up. She went 5/6 in the Nationals pre-trial on Tuesday with one Q-1st and four Q-2nds, and tied for Elite High In Trial, going runner up (the tie was broken by yards per second in the 2 regular rounds). In the National Agility Trial she got two Q-2nds, a Q-3rd and a Q-4th in the (very big) elite 20" class. She did the most beautiful A-frame contacts of her whole career!
Naju was VERY excited to be running in her first Nationals, as evidenced by her scoochy-standy start lines and her on-course barking. Even as amped as she was, she finished her elite gamblers and regular titles in the pre-trial with a Q-1st and a Q-2nd. She also got a Q-2nd in Elite Regular and a Q-3rd in Elite Gamblers in the National Agility Trial.

Nov. 6, 2017-Philippa Sload and Zest. Windmill's Liv'in Life Large- a.k.a. Zest! got her last leg of Standard to achieve her Starters Agility Dog of Canada at our Club trial on the weekend. So love this little gal! (DO-I and Baker)

Nov. 10,2017-Pam Smith and Rocker (Zoom x Mattie). Pam writes: No-No Bad Dog in the Top Ten of ASCA Veterans Agility Finals. Good girl, Rocker!!

Nov. 18-19,2017-Christy McBride Friedmann and Flirt. Christy writes: Flirt (Dervish x Quinn) had an amazing weekend at PASA's agility trial. She had 10 runs, Q'd in six, placed 1st in four and 2nd in two, finished 3 titles: Novice Standard, Open Jumpers and Open Gamblers. She even rode in an elevator for the first time and was not phased one bit! Love this baby girl so much.

Nov. 20, 201-Jessica Hogue and Slyder (Zoom x Vegas). Jessica writes: Slyder earned his DISC DOG CHAMPION (DDCh) in Canadian Disc Dog Association (CDDA) on July 29, 2017. Slyder also earned his Agility Association of Canada (AAC) MJDC (Master’s Jumpers) and ATCHc on July 22, 2017. Super proud of Slyder’s accomplishments in 2017.

Dec. 04, 2017-Kristin Backstrom and Copper (Zoom X Cricket). Kristin writes: This just in from Copper and Kristin
Copper is ASCA Year end 2016-2017
#4 Obedience ODX Merit
#3 Obedience ODX Final
#2 Rally Excellent Merit...
Awesome job

Dec. 12, 2017-Sandra Magee and Paris (Dare x Eifffel).Sandra writes: We almost made it through this year with no trials and no titles. Good thing she finally got into a nose work trial and we decided to try barn hunt. I entered Paris in 13 nose work trials this year and we only made it into 2 of the trials (entries are done by lottery). We just barely made it into the last one in November but darned if she didn't get the much coveted NACSW Nose Work 3 title. It only took us 7 years of classes, 4 years of trialing at that level and 6 trials to get the title. I am still so excited about getting that title and so proud of my furry friend.

Dec. 13, 2017-Sally Josselyn and Pai (Dare x Hayden)Sally writes:
Here are Paiva's brags for the year. Other than maybe an AX and OF, I don't really have any more goals for us :-). We'll just continue to play on a lesser scale and whatever she earns is icing on the cake :-).
Performance Jumpers Champion - Bronze PJCH Bronze
Performance Standard Champion PSCH
Performance Relay Champion PRCH
Performance Dog Champion PDCH
Performance Standard Master PSM
Performance Jumpers Master PJM
Performance Jumpers Champion PJCH
Performance Snooker Master PKM
Performance Gamblers Master PGM
Performance Relay Master PRM
Performance Gamblers Champion PGCH
Performance Tournament Master - Bronze PTM Bronze
Master Performance Dog MPD
Performance Tournament Master PTM
Snooker Champion - Diamond SCH Diamond (100 Qs)
Cynosport World Games 2017 Performance Versatility Pairs - advanced to Relay and placed 15th overall out of 116 pairs
Performance Versatility Gamblers - 2nd place out of 78 dogs
Performance Grand Prix Semi-Finals - 14th (top 12 advanced to Finals)
Multiple byes into Performance Grand Prix Regionals Semi-Finals

Dec. 30-31, 2017-Nicole Watts and Naju. USDAA agility, San Martin, CA. Nicole writes: Naju finished her USDAA Advanced Gamblers and Adv. Snooker titles with first places and also got a Q3rd in Team Gamblers and a 2nd place in Team Jumpers. But I was most happy about her beautiful running dog walks (I think she made every one, including some that were quite tricky) and the fact that she stayed-- albeit with much very loud protesting, and some scooching-- at the start line. She is so amped and so loud, but she's having a great time and is very fast. A little nerve wracking to run, but fun.

Dec. 30-31, 2017-Deb Langley and Huey-USDAA agility,Morgan Hill. Deb writes: Huge Man got the last std novice Q and with 3 Qs in each class has his AD title in USDAA. We got an Open Gamble too. He’s learning to be way more relaxed at trials and focus on me. I’m so so happy with his training! We still need to work on contacts in the ring but there’s always a goal.



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